March 31, 2020 1 min read

What about my bachelorette party?

If your bachelorette party is scheduled through June, we recommend taking all necessary precautions to communicate next steps, which will likely either involve postponing or finding alternative ways to celebrate your impending marriage. In reverse, if your friend’s bachelorette party got canceled in light of the pandemic, there are ways to support them during this time.

Order a My Party Bitch Home Edition

We get it: you want to celebrate en masse with your besties by doing what you love most–whether that’s singing along to the Jonas Brothers in Vegas, hitting the club scene in Miami, or leading a meditation in Joshua Tree National Park. However, the safety of you and your best friends is priority. 

We have a creative way to celebrate your bachelorette party with games, gifts and gags that will keep your party and celebration going well into the night.

Throw a virtual lingerie shower for the blushing bride and/or order some naughty gifts for the bride to be and bridesmaids.  We even have a Fifty Shades Theme.

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Source: Yahoo Finance


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